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Online Nutrition Coaching

This package includes 4 sessions with a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. It will be in-depth with a food journal, an assessment of vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and supplement recommendations customized to you. You will be sure of what to eat and what might need to be cut from your diet. Making you confident about your nutrition is the goal of this package.

Online Nutrition Coaching


Q & A Sessions

One hour online sessions tailored to address your nutrition questions. You will submit up to five questions you’d like to be addressed in-depth during the session. Helping you gain some clarity and understanding as you journey towards health and wellness is the goal of this service.

Q & A Session


Grocery Shopping Guide

At your local grocery market while following Social Distancing guidelines, you will be guided to choose the healthier options available while you gain the reasoning behind these choices. You will understand how to read labels and spot a product trying to disguise itself as a “healthy” option. Empowering you to conquer your grocery list with confidence is the goal of this service.

Grocery Shopping Guide