Customize Your Health & Wellness Journey Here


  • Comprehensive One on One Packages – We work together to discover the underlying cause of your decline in health.  This is an extensive and very thorough program.  We will work on finding your individual nutrition deficiencies and work towards a balance in your body to give it the ability to use food as medicine.  Each deficiency will be bio-individually addressed; you will have concrete answers.  These packages include:
    • Initial Consultation and Interview
    • Food Journal Analysis
    • Nutri-Q Software Analysis
    • Hands-on Functional Evaluation
    • In depth Lingual-Neuro Testing
    • Comprehensive supplement & diet protocols
    • Follow-up consultations

Packages available for 3, 6, or 12 months.  Payment plans available.

  • Online Nutrition Coaching – We will meet via an online video format.  Each session is 30 minutes and will follow a very similar format to the comprehensive packages.  Included:
    • Initial Consultation and Interview
    • Food Journal Analysis
    • Nutri-Q Analysis
    • Comprehensive supplement & diet protocols
    • Follow-up consultation

There will not be a functional evaluation or in depth Lingual-Neuro Testing which greatly limits my ability to hone in on your body’s individual needs.  However, this is a great option for those willing to do extensive self-care work and are in tune with their own body.

  • One Hour Q&A session – We will meet in my office or via an online video service and address your nutrition questions.  I will use my education and expertise to answer your questions in a way in which you can grasp and hold onto the knowledge so you can make better informed decisions for your health.  I will ask you to pick your top 5 questions so I can address each question thoroughly.  The questions will need to be submitted at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Grocery Shopping Guide (1.5 hours) – We will meet at your local grocery market.  I will guide you to choosing the healthier options available and give you the reasoning behind the choices.  I will cover how to read labels and spot a product trying to disguise itself as a “healthy” option.  You will be empowered to conquer your grocery list with confidence!
  • Corporate or Group Speaking – I am available for corporate wellness events and speaking engagements.  I also love doing Q&A’s or specific nutrition topic lectures, with interested groups.  I offer a group and/or company discount on my individual services for the companies and groups with which I am working.

For pricing information please contact me.