My Take on Social Media

43517e467b67d78f284c459ff0d9c898Obviously you can find me on social media, so I am not 1000% against it  **Update, as of January 2020 I am no longer on any social media**.  With that said, I do wish it were not a necessary evil in the business world today.  If I could go back to the days before social media and I knew what I know now, I would never touch any of the social media outlets.

You have to understand my anxiety a little in order to fully comprehend that statement.  When I make myself available on social media I feel like it is the same thing as standing in a room full of people.  I may know most of these people but that doesn’t matter.  I am convinced they are judging me and analyzing everything I dare to “put out there”.  On the flip side, especially for business, I have to realize that when I put content out there for everyone to consume, it will be necessary for me to interact with each person that “likes”, “shares” or comments on the post.  This is time consuming and again it is like I am forced to have to face an extremely anxiety ridden situation.

Gosh, I know after reading that back to myself that seems very whiny and almost like one would ask why I even have a career like this if that is how I feel about interacting with people over social media.  I can understand that but for me, when I am making the choice to interact and engage, it’s my choice and on my time.  I know when I’m ready to make that phone call or when I have set an appointment with a client.  I am prepared.  There is no preparing for what people say, do or require when on social media.  It is the largest aquarium in the world and if you run a business you are required to swim.

I do manage my time on social media to an extent.  I really try to give myself “windows” of being on any one outlet but I, like many others, get sucked in and it can be an hour later and I am still on the dang app.  My problem is, I over consume most of the time and it leads to burnout.  Burnout is not a viable option when running a business.  I have to stay engaged because my clients or a potential client might need me.

Here is how I am trying to reframe this situation to make it more positive and less stressful.  I decided to put this blog post out so my audience would have the chance to understand why I go “quiet” sometimes.  I have started to use a scheduling service in which I can create all my content in one day, usually Sunday, and not have to worry too much about it during the week.  I’ve decided to only create content Monday – Friday since my business is not open on the weekends anyway.  I will make a conscious effort to use the “stories” feature at least five times a day during the week.  I will go “quiet” every weekend and probably for a whole week once a quarter.  I will reframe interaction with my audience in a way that is positive and encouraging.  I will not stress about it and create negative energy where there isn’t any.  I welcome comments, questions, shares, and likes as they help me understand what content my audience enjoys and wants more of.  You will see my life but not my whole life.  I am always going to be real and raw at times.

I feel like I have come soooo far in my journey and my anxiety is much better than it was when I first started blogging.  I thank you for taking the time to read this post all the way through.  It was a little ranty and probably more of a “dear diary” entry than anything but thats okay.  Feel free to leave comments (seriously, I WANT you to, I really do).  Let me know if you have any social media anxiety or if you struggle with it like I do.  I know I can’t be the only one.

2 thoughts on “My Take on Social Media”

  1. I agree. I hate it but felt addicted. I would do the same…go back and never touch it. I deleted Facebook off my phone and this has helped tremendously because now to go on it I have to make the effort on the computer so that keeps me from just hitting the icon on my phone and going on 30 times a day without even realizing I am doing it.


  2. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to like anything you write! I actually love getting to know people especially when maybe they have different options about things. I just love people being honest about their feelings.


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